Legal Advisory Services

Legal Advisory Services

In today’s fast-evolving environment, you are looking for a trusted legal advisor who understands your activities, your needs and your business environment and industry. You need a legal advisor who provides you with sharp and pragmatic advice, that makes economic and social sense.

At everwise, we have adopted a client-centric approach with a strong human dimension that focuses on listening to your needs and tailoring
our advice to meet them. We provide our advice based on a thorough and reliable analysis of:

  • The specific legal situation
  • The relevant business objectives and needs
  • Your industry-specific standards and other contextual considerations and
  • The social and environmental impact

Legal Co-Piloting (Project-Oriented Advice)

The combination of extensive in-house business experience and legal expertise, gives our advisors the capacity to work hand-in-hand with the business and actively collaborate on project strategy, design and implementation, and provide at the earliest stage the legal perspective on

Opportunities and Risks Assessment / Key Resource Identification /Achievement Measurements.

Example of projects:

  • Launch of new business activities
  • Commercialisation of new products
  • New marketing activity / communication / promotion
  • Launch on an e-commerce platform
  • Business cessation
  • Development and implementation of sales strategy
  • Procurement initiatives

Our Pricing models

We offer a flexible services with multiple service models to advise in the long run or quickly to address an emergency situation.
At all times, we discuss with the client to chose the most efficient pricing model adapted to the needs.

We bring our legal expertise and corporate experience to serve our clients in a solution driven state of mind, as a business partner.