Our Services

everwise provides entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes with client-focused legal advice. Drawing on their extensive corporate experience, our legal advisors and experts provide advice tailored to our clients’ specific industry contexts, challenges and needs. As a legal partner of entrepreneurs and business leaders, or as a complementary resource to our clients’ in-house legal department, we provide legal support to the day-to-day business operations, work to solve problems and contribute to responsible growth, in a collaborative and pragmatic manner.

Available pricing models

We offer multiple service models to advise, audit, prevent or intervene on urgent legal matters. At all times, we discuss with the client to agree on the most efficient pricing model which is adapted to the client’s needs.

Fixed price

  • First Legal Check-Up / Data Privacy Legal Check-Up 
  • Legal Workshops

Effective usage fee

  • Time and material

Subscription fee

  • For regular general legal services for all business-related matters OR for regular legal support in a specific field, such as day-to-day advice on commercial matters (contracts), legal Human Resources, Intellectual property or Data Privacy.